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Photo Session Triathlon Training Recreational Area Vlietland

triatlon training vlietland


The outside triathlon training of last monday at recreational area Vlietland in Voorschoten was photographed by Chent Creative. The first leg of the training was done in the open water. A selection of the photos made can be found below.


After drying up and warming up, after all it is open autumn;), the triathletes continued their training with the next leg: cycling. Vlietland offers beautiful cycling routes along canals, lakes and many birds. In addition, the location is easy to reach by car and there is free parking available. This makes the location perfect for every triathlete. Below are the selected photos of the second part, cycling.


The valve was running like a real triathlon. Everyone could improve the technique at his or her pace and use the expertise of a certified triathlon coach.

Triathlon coaching

After walking the group went to the Waterfront to discuss the training while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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