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www.trainingsweek.com – Swim, bike, run and triathlon


For a number of years training weeks have been organized at Le Petit Mas d’ile, mainly focussing on triathlon.
Le Petit Mas d’ile is located in the Charente in France, less than 900 km from Utrecht.

The first weeks that were organized were under the inspiring leadership of Frank Heldoorn, but unfortunately it had to pass the baton after 3 years due to circumstances. That baton was accepted in gratitude by the owner of Le Petit Mas d’Ile himself together with Karin Sloove, a multi-sports athlete who has followed various training courses. From mountain biking to triathlon trainer.

In the meantime two trainers have been added, Marjan van Galen and Rob Kwaaitaal. The latter will take the lead for the swimming week to be organized. Indeed, also a training week with an emphasis on swimming. Marjan will help with the 4th triathlon week in June.

From all this, the need arose to create an all-encompassing website for the various sport weeks. Because even if you only want to cycle for a week you could also go to Le Petit Mas d’Ile. We are happy to welcome you.