What clients say about me

Paul helped me prepare for the Ironman 70.3 of 2019 in Luxembourg.
The year before I trained independently for 1/8 and 1/4 triathlons. My biggest problem is that I regularly went too far. I trained too much, too hard and also inefficiently (a waste of time). Paul helped me with a well-considered, smart and yet ambitious schedule (with regular tests to measure progress).

What else do I appreciate about Paul?

He is easily accessible for questions. He is flexible, adjusts the schedules when necessary (very important for me, with a busy and sometimes stressful job, business trips).

Paul gives support when you need it, for example if you just don’t feel like it anymore (that will certainly happen). In the end, he was even present at the race to help with the preparation and with support from the sidelines.

Paul also has a good network of people around him that you can use (for example for a bike fitting). And what is perhaps the best part – he coaches many athletes. You will get to know these other athletes gradually. You share your developments and race results with each other, sometimes you train together (especially swimming in open water) or you go to a race together. So you also learn from each other (and you can sometimes compare yourself to Paul, if he is strict).

The Ironman 70.3 went well – I felt strong, fresh and enjoyed it. Now working with him on preparing for new races (especially working on my weaknesses).

M. Hulst

M. Hulst

When I came up with the idea of doing a full distance Ironman, it was clear to me that I could not do this without a coach. Paul set up a suitable training schedule with me that matched my working hours.
In seven months he managed to get me ready for a full triathlon. In addition, we had regular contact to discuss the progress. For specific matters, such as a bike fitting, Paul referred me to people from his network who also helped me again. In the years before I trained with Paul, I had a lot of injuries. Despite an increase in the amount of training work in the run-up to the Ironman, I have not suffered any new injuries.
I experienced Paul as an expert triathlon coach with a lot of empathy for my situation. Partly because of his contribution I was well prepared this year at the start of the Ironman of Copenhagen and I managed to finish it in a beautiful time.

Ivo van Ee

I wanted to give myself the gift of health for my birthday. The vicious spiral of feeling overweight, feeling rotten, trying the gym, being frustrated and ending back where I was, needed to end. I searched for personal trainers, and Paul came up! After my intake session, which was a nice conversation, where we clearly identified my goals and reasons for training, we slowly started training. We built up from there, working on my weaknesses to improve my overall fitness. Pretty soon, I saw a change in my conditioning, which helped my attitude hugely. It gets a little easier with every step, and Paul is there for you in the worst of times. When things aren’t working as quickly as you would want, he is there. He sees you as a whole, rather than someone to be trained. He is so much more than just a trainer. Thank you, Paul, for everything so far and all that is coming.

Jolanda, Voorschoten

Paul helps me with my strength and conditioning, so that I can stay injury free and complete my triathlons. He is flexible with his schedule, the training sessions are always different, yet tailored exactly to my goals. I have been training with Paul for a year, and he is still able to surprise me with new exercises every week, making it fun. Plus, I’ve also improved my personal best!

Ivan, Den Haag

Two years ago, we started training as a group of 4, swimming with Paul. The training initially consisted of being taught the correct technique, but is now based on endurance and strength. My goal was to hit a good swimming time in Luxembourg’s Ironman 70.3, which I have now done, and I am really pleased with Pauls training. As both a personal trainer and former water polo player, he has hundreds of training methods at his fingertips!

Robert, Leiden